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In my on-line boutique, I present my most beautiful Tahitian pearls which I have selected personally at the time of harvesting.

Each piece of jewellry is delivered with a Certificate of Quality and Authenticity in conformity with the legislation in French Polynesia.

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- New customers: With your e-mail of introduction, you will receive an immediate discount of 5% for your first order.

- Loyalty Discount: The total amount of your purchases over 1 year provides you with a discount which can be as high as 25%!

- Buy 2 lots of pearls and benefit from an immediate discount of 5%, or 10% for the purchase of 3 lots and 20% for 5 lots.


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Sandrine - Rangiroa
Discovering Tahitian pearls or already a connaisseur, I can offer you a minutious and very varied selection of pearls coming from the Atolls of Tuamotu and the Gambier Archipelago.

During 15 years in Polynesia, I learned to recognize all the subtleties, from production to mounting, of these beautiful Tahitian pearls: by working in a pearl farm as of my arrival and then by taking several courses in jewellry organized by the Tahitian Chamber of Commerce, and receiving the certification from the Gemological Institute of America for the classification of Pearls (GIA - Pearls Graduate ).

To highlight these treasures I offer a choice of classic settings or creations, gold and silver pendants as well as Tahitian pearl bracelets and necklaces.

The drilling or mounting of a bare pearl or a batch of pearls can be done by me in the shortest possible time.

You will also find a large choice of primers specially designed for Tahitian pearls but you can also choose one or more pearls that you will have mounted by your usual jeweler.
Check out my ratings: 3895 comments from satisfied customers!

You are traveling to Polynesia soon? Don't hesitate to come and meet me: PK 43.7, mountain side in Mataiea.

Classification of Pearls

Each pearl is unique and to guarantee that you will always be satisfied each jewel is individually photographed.

The jewel that you will receive is the one you saw in the picture on the ad and its immediate availability is guaranteed.

Each one of my Tahitian Pearls is delivered with its Certificate of Classification and Authenticity in accordance with the Polynesian law (DELIBERATION n° 2005-42 of February 4, 2005).

This certificate guarantees the origin of my Tahitian Pearls, and specifies its characteristics.

This certificate is also in accordance with the criteria of the Gemological Institute of America, where I graduated from the training course GIA - Pearls Graduate

Discounts, special offers and bulk purchases

There are several ways to obtain discounts in my boutique:

- If you are a professional, use this form to benefit from tariffs which are reserved for you.

- If you are a private individual, the total amount of your purchases over 12 months is calculated in order to offer you the following discounts:

    For 250 euros of purchases: 5% discount.
    For 500 euros of purchases: 7.5% discount.
    For 750 euros of purchases: 10% discount.
    For 1000 euros of purchases: 12% discount.
    For 1500 euros of purchases: 15% discount.
    For 2000 euros of purchases: 18% discount.
    For 2500 euros of purchases: 20% discount.
    For 3000 euros of purchases: 25% discount.

- For all customers, it is possible to purchase multiples of certain articles to obtain a better price.

- Lastly, think about completing the personal information in your account to receive your birthday gift.


As soon as we receive payment, the transaction is considered as accepted and your order is prepared for shipping within 24 to 48 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays).

Certain jewelry items such as rings, require mounting, and this could take an additional 24 to 72 hours.

All shipments are sent by registered mail with an on-line tracking number and insurance included.

The typical leadtime for receipt is 15 to 20 days for Metropolitan France, 20 to 30 days for Europe and up to 25 days for other countries.

You will be informed by email at each stage of the preparation of your order and its shipment.

On your account you will be able to consult the status of an order as well as the tracking number online.