Frequently Asked Questions

Question :
I can't find a jewel that was still visible on your site yesterday?
Answer :
All the Pearls as well as all the jewels presented on my site are unique: So as soon as a jewel is sold: It is no longer available until I make a new assembly with a new pearl / stone.

Question :
Are your pearls truly Tahitian Pearls ?
Answer :
Of course! Every piece of pearl jewelry is delivered with its Certificate of Quality and Authenticity in accordance with the French Polynesian laws. This certificate attests to the origin of the creation, as well as the evaluation of its quality following the legally defined criteria.
All of my pearls are X-rayed by the Service de la Perliculture, a governmental agency which controls pearl production, in order to verify the thickness of the mother-of-pearl, which must be at least 0.8mm.

Question :
How can you offer your jewelry at such a low price? Your competitors claim to have the cheapest prices, but your prices are 3 times less expensive than theirs are !?!
Answer :
All my Tahitian pearls come from two pearl farms where I am associated, so I can select some of the pearls at harvest time.
I also create my own settings or have them made directly at a foundry, so there is no middleman or wholesaler.
I can therefore offer you the best prices and above all, an incomparable number of choices.
And don't forget that because your purchases are considered as exports : you bought is "Dutty Free" and you don't pay the local tax.

Question :
How will my purchases be sent to me ?
Answer :
All pearl jewelry is sent by insured registered mail.

Question :
When will I receive my purchases ?
Answer :
Shipments are made two to three times a week.
There is an additional delay of 24 to 72 hours for jewellery that requires assembly (rings, naked beads).
Then your order will take 5 to 10 days to reach you in metropolitan France and up to 25 days for other destinations.
Please note that at certain times the customs are sometimes more fussy and that this can lead to significant delays.

Question :
Is there an online tracking number ?
Answer :
 A link to follow on line your order will be communicated to you by email during the preparation of your order.

Question :
Will I have to pay an importation tax or a VAT when my purchases arrive in my country ?
Answer :
French Polynesia is a territory which benefits from export opportunities to send its products to Europe.
I have never had any of my clients tell me that they had to pay any tax at the arrival of their purchases.
However, if your order is expensive (400 Euros or more), it is possible that you will have to pay the VAT.
Avoid having your order sent to your business address, as businesses are systematically taxed.
If you are a jewelry professional, you can download your invoice in order to present them to Customs Services.

Question :
Is the delivery insured ?
Answer :
The delivery of all my jewelry is automatically insured, and you will be completely reimbursed in case there is any problem.

Question :
Can I return an article in case I am not satisfied ?
Answer :
As with all mail order purchasing you will have 14 days to return your purchase to the address I will send you, and you will be completely reimbursed with no questions asked.

Discounts and Special Offers
Question :
How to get discounts in your store ?

There are several ways to get discounts in my store:
   - If you are a professional, use this form to get the prices reserved for you.

   - If you are a private individual, the total amount of your purchases over 6 months is counted in order to offer you the following discounts :
            - For 250 Euros of purchases over the last 6 months: 5% discount.
            - For 500 Euros of purchases over the last 6 months: 7.5 % discount.
            - For 750 Euros of purchases over the last 6 months: 10 % discount.
            - For 1000 Euros of purchases over the last 6 months: 12 % discount.
            - For 1500 Euros of purchases over the last 6 months: 15 % discount.
            - For 2000 Euros of purchases over the last 6 months: 18 % discount.
            - For 2500 Euros of purchases over the last 6 months: 20 % discount.
            - For 3000 Euros of purchases over the last 6 months: 25 % discount.

   - For all customers it is possible to buy some articles in quantities to obtain a more interesting price.

   - Finally, remember to fill in your personal information correctly in your account in order to receive your birthday gift.

- The promotion codes are not usable with products on special offer or products offering a quantity discount (pearl sets and mountings).

- Promotional products do not count towards the loyalty discount calculated on your purchases of the last 6 months.

Question :
Do you offer special deals to professionals ?
Answer :
In addition to a discount for multiple purchases, I can offer you an extra discount if you are a professional jeweler or in the fashion or beauty industry.
Please fill out this form.
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